My Story  by  Jan  on her experience with MINDBAND

I have struggled with my weight all my life, never being able to eat what I wanted but had to watch calories and eat a lot of salad and vegetables.  I know that many people can relate to this and have also felt the frustration and despair that comes with it. Buying clothes was difficult as larger sizes always were made of large flowered prints or horizontal stripes. One time I went to look for a dress for a wedding, a sales clerk came over and asked if she could help me.  In my hand I was holding a dress that I had found and when she looked at it, she said “Oh my dear that dress in not for someone of your age, more of what an older woman would wear “. I felt crushed. In mid-2016 my weight had reached the highest it had ever been, my health was not good. I suffered from repeated respiratory issues and high blood pressure and was feeling very depressed. At one point I had really just given up. I had been a nurse for 27 years and new the dangers of high blood pressure and complications of diabetes. I had looked after people who had these chronic conditions and saw firsthand how they suffered with or succumbed to complications. I hated myself, lost my self-esteem and began to withdraw from things I enjoyed doing. I have known Sherry for many of years and one day I was venting about the struggle and my depressed state was now becoming more apparent, I could no longer hide my frustration. Sherry called me one day and told me she had a plan that could help, and would I be interested. For the first time I had a glimmer of hope and was excited that maybe this was what I needed. I had read many books on diabetes and diet plans of which none ever worked. We discussed what I had to do and went for my first hypnotherapy session. After the session I was so relaxed that I joked that I almost felt lighter already. That night I tried to remember the wording she had used as to try and recreate that very relaxed feeling. I was not able to remember any words, but my subconscious mind had listened well.  I started my new journey to a better health.  There were no shakes, pills or diets to follow. I was able to cook the same food for my husband and myself. After a few days I was feeling so much better, I had so much energy that I could get through everything I had to do in the day and still I could do more. The other thing that I believed that helped was not having to look at the scale or count how many pounds I had lost. I saw it in how my clothes first and how many compliments I received. I have maintained my new eating habits since August 1st ,2017 to this date, February 8th2019. I have better mobility, can paint my toe nails and shop for clothes without frustration. My blood sugars are better and my blood pressure under control. Mindband has given me the freedom to be me again and enjoy life again. Thank you, Sherry, for this new alternative lifestyle. I look forward to continued good health and a much better future.

Just a few reviews if you have any questions please ask.

Jessica LoRusso Testimonial for success. 

I had a couple of issues that I needed help to deal with and so I would be able to move forward in my life. The biggest one was how to deal with the level of stress I was under and how to handle it. Through Sherry’s guidance under hypnotherapy and our conversations before and after each session, I was amazed how quickly I noticed a difference in my mood and physical appearance. I was actually able to relax. Because of the change in me, I was able to move forward in an area of my life I’ve been avoiding and proceeded with dealing with the situation. Thank you, Sherry for your compassion and direction.


If you’ve considered hypnotherapy to help you in your life, I highly recommend you call Sherry and sit down with her. She will be your guiding light.  July 15, 2013, Janice 

My experience with the hypnosis was great. It made me very relaxed and gave way to accept the thought of a security that I haven’t felt in years. It also cleared my mind of the need to hold on to things, and not letting go of things I cannot control. The session although short, was very therapeutic for me and would like to do it again, to help with other issues. Thank you so much Sherry for this helpful experience.— H.

I went to Sherry for hypnotherapy treatment hoping that the process would release some of the mental blocks I was experiencing. I was continually sabotaging my own efforts to improve my life, grow my business, and develop my potential. I was a little nervous but was pleasantly surprised that I never felt ‘out of it’ – I was always aware of my surroundings. After each session I felt completely relaxed. I was surprised at the improved changes in my behaviors after each session – I was more motivated and focused. I would recommend Winnipeg Hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves or who has a problem with relationships or dealing with life in general. Sherry has a calming, reassuring manner about her, which sets you at ease right away. I trust her.— P.

I work in, what can be, a very high-stress environment. I tried hypnosis out of curiosity but immediately noticed huge benefits. I am a teeth clencher and what started as a nervous habit became something that caused me pain and discomfort. I had begun clenching my teeth so bad during the night my dentist had suggested a mouth guard. After one session of hypnosis, I am no longer experiencing pain in my jaw as I have almost completely stopped clenching my teeth.— Thanks a million C.

I was told many years ago I would not likely have children and that I seldom ovulated. After a few sessions my ovaries are now ovulating regularly and dreams of becoming a mom are now a possibility.—C

I needed to watch my weight I have always had a good appetite. After only one session I now take just the amount I need and I don’t even have to think about it, I just do it.— D.

I am close to 90 year old and found myself having a hard to walk due to pain in my side. After years of no one figuring out what it is, I tried Hypnotherapy. I find I can walk around much easier today.—H



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