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Reversing Diabetes


Diabetes can be reversed.

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  • Are you struggling with diabetes?
  • Are you pre-diabetic?
  • It feels like you have tried everything and nothing is helping. Diets, exercise, fasting. They are too hard to do and impossible to stick with for life.
  • Your blood sugar is too high and the Dr. wants to put you on pills, or more pills or maybe insulin.
  • Has your Dr. or you ever thought about surgery as a last resort to help you lose weight control your appetite in order to control diabetes?
  • There is another solution to controlling diabetes. It turns out that one of the benefits to MINDBAND and New life weight is that for those who have Diabetes it actually helps controls your blood sugar. Giving many clients the opportunity to get off medication, use less medication and put their blood sugar in the normal range.
  • Many things contribute to Diabetes, stress, trauma or eating the wrong foods for long periods of time.
  • Hypnotherapy can remove the blocks that keep you stuck in this vicious circle.
  • Even at a healthy weight Diabetes is a threat.
  • Diabetes is a response to your decisions. Even if you’re predisposed genetically.
  • With the poorer quality of food in our food chain, we are receiving less and less nutrition and our body craves what it doesn’t have.
  • Our fast-paced lifestyle is not helpful as it puts stress on our minds and our body.

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