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Instead of surgery, pills and special diets, why not try Mindband. Where we ask you to relax.


A natural alternative to pills, liposuction and lapband surgery for losing weight.

How about a new innovative idea that is not surgical or chemical. Mindband is unique to Winnipeg Hypnotherapy and uses hypnotherapy instead of surgery and drugs to achieve the same sense of feeling full faster, with no side effects. It’s a win-win situation. It also deals with the underlying problems that caused the weight gain in the first place. You gain control of your eating habits now and into the future.

Lose weight for your health the natural way. Your subconscious holds the power within you, to control your appetite and help you lose the weight you need too. Whether it is to have lapband surgery or needing to lose weight for surgery for joint replacement, easing joint pain from arthritis, general health or the ability to move and be more active with your family. There are many good reasons to lose weight including feeling better about yourself and looking your very best.

For those who suffer from being overweight and constantly struggling to have control over your appetite and cravings. MINDBAND is the noninvasive solution. If your health is giving you problems or it looks like it will in the future? Maybe your doctor, family and friends are saying you need to lose weight and you think that Pills, Liposuction or a Lapband surgery. Think again!  Research is showing almost everyone does gain the weight back and more. Why because the reason behind the weight gain is not addressed?  The subconscious mind says I need to eat the same and the weight returns.

Diet is a four-letter word we should eliminate from your vocabulary, simply because it brings to mind restriction, struggle, restraint and usually failures. But the real reason is that only 1-3% of everyone on a diet losses and keeps it off. The rest will quit or loss it and gain it back and then some.

So why not take a natural way to deal with weight, the very source within you. The power of the subconscious mind.

What the mind can believe, the body will achieve. 

Our weight is not just a product of, a lack of willpower. It can be from a number of reasons and it’s not entirely your fault. Our subconscious plays tricks on us, it can hold our weight at a set point, it can also get us to crave certain foods and it does not listen to our conscious attempts or thoughts. Since it controls so much of our life, about 93-95%, it is easy to see that some of our problem is not entirely our fault.

If stress, trauma, addiction or depression is a problem, poor sleep, maybe a feeling of guilt or blame makes you lonely or feeling like a failure. These are also problems that can be address making it easier for you to be healthier. Sometimes we don’t know what the problem is or what is the cause. It may be habits that you were raised with. Genetics are an influence but not the determining factor to your health. It also doesn’t mean you need to be alone in fighting the battle, so let’s take the battle out of it and give you the tools you need to win.

With Mindband you let your subconscious do the work for you and allow you to live the life you were meant to have. No one should struggle every day with weight and hunger and no one should be controlled by weight and hunger or have their health put in jeopardy.

There are factors out of your control, so let us help you, we are all in this life together. Not all battles are meant to be fought alone.

25 Advantages of MindBand                                                                                       

  1. no pills to take
  2. no side effects
  3. no surgery
  4. no risk from surgery
  5. no recovery time
  6. no special diet you have to be on for life once you have surgery – if you could do the diet in the first place you wouldn’t need surgery
  7. no supplements because you can’t get the proper nutrition from the food you eat now with your digestive system altered
  8. no lost income from time off work
  9. no complications
  10. no embarrassment or shame having to tell other about the surgery or pills.
  11. no scar
  12. the ability to choose what you eat
  13. saving on money not buying special food
  14. knowing you can eat in restaurants and with family and friends and not need anything special
  15. not having to buy supplements unless you want to
  16. pride in yourself knowing you are successful, with this you take the credit
  17. tools to understand your mind and how it affects your body
  18. stop the vicious circle of dieting
  19. confidence to be in charge of you and take control – this will become an asset for other areas of your life also
  20. benefit of relief from what the root of the problem is whether it is trauma, depression, bad habits, stress, anxiety or boredom,
  21. no more arguing with yourself or negative talk
  22. no more blame, guilt or shame
  23. no more self sabotaging, struggling or feeling like a failure
  24. lose weight for life
  25. never use the word diet again

According to the Surgeon General, individuals with a body mass index over 30 have between a 50% and 100% increased risk of premature death from all causes compared with those at a normal weight. Waist circumference is also an indicator.

Weight is a problem that affects 9 major health issues and 20 minor issues.

The World Health Organization has similar findings, linking obesity with a doubled risk of premature death, many of which are directly related to the following: (9 major health issues)

9 Major & Life-Threatening Obesity Health Problems
Cardiovascular disease
Metabolic Syndrome
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Pseudotumor cerebri
Venous stasis disease
Disease affecting the heart or blood vessels.
20 minor issues that over weight contributes to:
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Dyslipidemia hypercholesterolemia
Effectiveness of oral contraceptives
Gall bladder disease (cholecystitis)
Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Liver disease
Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease)
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Sleep apnea
Sleep deprivation
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

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