Jan’s Mindband Journey

My Story by Jan

I have struggled with my weight all my life, never being able to eat what I wanted but had to watch calories and eat a lot of salad and vegetables.  I know that many people can relate to this and have also felt the frustration and despair that comes with it. Buying clothes was difficult as larger sizes always were made of large flowered prints or horizontal stripes. One time I went to look for a dress for a wedding, a sales clerk came over and asked if she could help me.  In my hand I was holding a dress that I had found and when she looked at it, she said “Oh my dear that dress in not for someone of your age, more of what an older woman would wear “. I felt crushed. In mid-2016 my weight had reached the highest it had ever been, my health was not good. I suffered from repeated respiratory issues and high blood pressure and was feeling very depressed. At one point I had really just given up. I had been a nurse for 27 years and new the dangers of high blood pressure and complications of diabetes. I had looked after people who had these chronic conditions and saw firsthand how they suffered with or succumbed to complications. I hated myself, lost my self-esteem and began to withdraw from things I enjoyed doing. I have known Sherry for many of years and one day I was venting about the struggle and my depressed state was now becoming more apparent, I could no longer hide my frustration. Sherry called me one day and told me she had a plan that could help, and would I be interested. For the first time I had a glimmer of hope and was excited that maybe this was what I needed. I had read many books on diabetes and diet plans of which none ever worked. We discussed what I had to do and went for my first hypnotherapy session. After the session I was so relaxed that I joked that I almost felt lighter already. That night I tried to remember the wording she had used as to try and recreate that very relaxed feeling. I was not able to remember any words, but my subconscious mind had listened well.  I started my new journey to a better health.  There were no shakes, pills or diets to follow. I was able to cook the same food for my husband and myself. After a few days I was feeling so much better, I had so much energy that I could get through everything I had to do in the day and still I could do more. The other thing that I believed that helped was not having to look at the scale or count how many pounds I had lost. I saw it in how my clothes first and how many compliments I received. I have maintained my new eating habits since August 1st ,2017 to this date, February 8th2019. I have better mobility, can paint my toe-nails and shop for clothes without frustration. My blood sugars are better and my blood pressure under control. Mindband has given me the freedom to be me again and enjoy life again. Thank you, Sherry, for this new alternative lifestyle. I look forward to continued good health and a much better future.

Hi Meet Jan,

A special thanks to Jan for agreeing to share her journey with everyone.

Jan has struggled with weight her whole life and as time passed developed diabetes type 2. It got so bad even with trying many different diets and exercise and a combination of both nothing was working. Her blood sugar levels hit over 27 at times and she had no idea what was causing it or how to control it. On 3 different types of medication and still gaining weight she felt frustrated and didn’t see any options.  Jan is a Nurse and though all of this struggle she was defeated last January and February she felt like giving up and the medication just seems to be making her feel worse. Emotionally she was emotionally drained with no energy and brain fog. Her doctor mentioned Lapband, but Jan had looked after clients who had that surgery, saw the complications, knew the diet before and after and she knew that the research didn’t hold well, up as long-term help. She really did not want to go that route.

Aug 1 2017, she decided to try MINDBAND.

MINDBAND is something like Lap Band only it is done using hypnosis by a hypnotherapist (Sherry) and with a few easy, small adjustments in her food choices, the results are amazing.  MINDBAND has made this easy thanks to the Hypnotherapy.

So join us on Jan’s Journey and learn how she became so successful and how quickly the results are.

This is Jan’s journey to a healthy and happy life. Please view the video interview with Jan done exactly 4 weeks after she started and her amazing testimony.

Jan’s Success with MINDBAND.

Aug 1st    Blood Sugar at 19.1   ( up in the high 20’s at times)   she had brain fog, no energy, digestive discomfort, lack of focus, feeling of helplessness and despair.

1 session of hypnotherapy.

3 days later:

Aug 4th  B.S. dropped 7.8           clear mind, focused, sleeping better and lots of energy

Aug 9th     B.S.  6.2                           feeling better, mood greatly improved. Lots of energy 10x more, no brain fog                             

Aug 20th     B.S.  4.5                         wearing clothes she hasn’t been in for many years

Aug 23rd     B.S. 5.2                           1.3miles on treadmill and could run a lot farther

Aug 26 th    B.S.  6.3                            did 5.5 miles on the treadmill  Ya Jan.

Aug 28th     B.S.   6.9                           feeling great, back to her old self like she was many years ago.  She has dropped at least 2 sizes in clothes and lost 13 inches.

Sept 13th    B.S.    4.4                          taking up kickboxing 

Oct                                                        This month she has lost more weight and inches for a total of 21.5 inches lost in 3 months. Her blood sugar has been                                                                             holding steady and she is enjoying wearing her new found wardrobe. She is exercising more, loving the energy and finds she is                                                                         still not having any desire to snack or eat foods that will jeopardize her health. She is loving her new life. 

Dec/Jan  2018                                    The holiday season came and went and she had no problem with all the big meals, snacks or desserts. She found it easy to                                                                                  continue eating as she is and gaining great results.

Apr  26th                                                     Jan is 9 months into MINDBAND and she still is happy and finding it as easy as ever.  There has never                                                                          been any diet or exercise that has works for her, she is thrilled.  To date she has lost a total of  71cm/28 inches and is down                                                                to size 14.  You don’t need a weight scale to tell you that. Plus she has gained back the contours in her face back. You can see her dimples and notice that she has no wrinkles or droopy skin as you frequently see with people who have lost a lot of weight. Her blood sugar is normal 73% of the time even in high stress times. (Stress effects blood sugar).

Aug 1st/2018                                       Jan is celebrating her First year anniversary and after one year, Jan is sailing along, with more inches lost. In total she has lost                                                                32.5 inches (82.55cm). She is still full of energy and can’t believe how easy it has been and continues to be. Her blood sugar                                                                is between 6-8 most days, along way from the numbers when she started.  Her life has not changed to accommodate anything,                                                                 she does not buy special food or have to plan special meals. She eats out in restaurants, goes to functions and doesn’t have to                                                                           worry about cheating on her new journey to health. She finds things she used to struggle with, like stairs and bending over easy                                                                       now.  After struggling most of her life with weight and never being able to stay the course with another other program or d i e t.                                                                      She can’t believe how simple and easy hypnotherapy has made this journey back to health. The MINDBAND program has made it                                                                  so clothes she has not worn in 7 -8 years are now to big and she continues to shop, much to her delight, in her own closet.

January 14th/19 Jan has now lost a total of 39.5 inches or 1 meter. She continues to find it a simple and easy task to continue losing as more and maintaining. MINDBAND is the only thing that has ever worked for Jan and as she puts it it is not work it is a  new mentality and she is loving it. Blood Sugar continues to be normal so her Dr is happy also.

Feb 2019  Jan is no longer using her Sleep Apnea machine at night and she finally weighed herself and she has lost over 60lbs and enjoying her new life and health. She is now wearing clothes she hasn’t fit into since the 1980’s.  She looks great and feels great. Her blood sugars are normal and she is enjoying taking less medication.

Way to go Jan, we are very proud of you.

                                                                                                                       Jan ‘s picture Journey  

Jan’s Journey continues.

My Experience with the Mindband program,

I am now into the 10th month of my journey with the Mindband program. When I started I wanted to have modest expectations not because I was unsure if the program would work but my track record for diets would only get a failing grade. Every time I went into a diet and exercise program I always wanted great results but somehow either the diet was too difficult to maintain and exercise was always a poor fit in where I had a small block of time. After the first session of hypnotherapy I felt great! Although, I could not remember the words which made me so relaxed and energized, my brain said I feel lighter already, which was the comment I made to Sherry at the end of the session. This program has gone beyond my expectations and continues to give me the energy to lose weight and feel much better. My goal was not to look at how many pounds I lost but rather the changes that I was seeing and feeling. More energy and my clothes getting too big. It also made me realize something about myself that with the help of this program, the energy I now have, that I could achieve the best results without a lot of changes to our lifestyle. I did not have to purchase special shakes or foods, no membership fees to pay to lose weight. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing weight and feeling better. the benefits are amazing. It has boosted my confidence and my self-esteem by looking and feeling better about myself.

    Jan                  one year later 2018

Jan used to exercise but felt no improvement and it was a struggle, she now exercises easily doing a 35 minute work out tape daily and 3x a week the treadmill, which she has lots of energy for now and feels great doing it. She exercises at her level and choice.

It is important to understand that exercise alone will not lose weight, but it will help balance your hormones and chemicals making your body and brain function much better. It is important to overall health both mentally and physically. If you can not exercise or not is your choice. It is not part of the MINDBAND.

You can access the reasons why MINDBAND is the healthier choice and how simple and easy it is to accomplish. It can even be done over SKYPE. 

This was developed to help those who are struggling with being overweight or obese to control their weight for a better, healthier life. Giving the client control over their life including the food they chose, to make a lasting change now and in the future. Simple, easy to do and requires no planning, buying products and or restricting your food choices. It includes tips on how the brain works and why, so you can actually understand and take the right steps to stop self-sabotage. So it’s hypnotherapy, education and suggestions that make you capable of winning the battle. Since there is a reason for our eating habits Winnipeg Hypnotherapy helps you deal with the root problem so it no longer holds you in a self sabotaging vicious circle. See more details on the MINDBAND page.