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                     Eating Habits & Your Health                                             

Goodbye, guilt and shame. Hello! pride and fame!

Take back control and have the life you always dreamed of.

You can do it. You deserve it.

Can you answer these?

Q: Why don’t diets work?   Only 1-3% of everyone that goes on a diet succeeds and then only for a short time, very few have lasting results. Even surgery has short lived results.

Q: Why do we feel full but still have room for dessert?

Q: Do genetics dictate our eating habits and our size?

Q: Why is food such a big part of our society?

Q: Is food an addiction?

Q: Why are we hooked on carbohydrates?

Q: Why do we overeat, when we are stressed/anxious/worried?

Q: Why do we eat so much at a buffet?

Q: Why do you reach a certain weight and then get stuck and can’t lose any more? 

Q: Why does willpower not work?

Q: What habits did you pick up as a child, that are now holding you hostage and what do you do about it?

 “Our Physical health contributes to our mental health and our mental health contributes to our physical health.”

This is not a diet! 

It is understanding, of how your brain works against you and how to change that.

NO products to buy!

No restrictions on what food you consume.

It’s time to KICK out the old habits and take control. Do you have health issues and wish you could gain some control over them. Does your eating habits make your health worse or the weight your carrying add to your health issues? Does your weight make you a health risk, either to much or not enough? Or maybe you’re just trying to stay the weight you are now, but it is a struggle.

Does your doctor suggest you lose some weight or try better eating habits? We all know we should, but do we do it? So what stops us? After all, our body is the only one we have and we should be treating it like a temple, so why don’t we?

Maybe your family is after you to be healthy as they enjoy having you with them.

The simple truth is most of us try, but we fail and we don’t know why.

There has never been a diet that works yet. Even surgeries don’t usually last for any length of time. Everything is short-term and then we go right back to our habits and gain it all back including a little more. Well, think about it, because they all deal with eating certain foods, restricting and following strict guidelines, exercise which does not even work for weight loss, (but does make us healthier) and things like replacing our meals with shakes and supplements. I don’t know about you but I left the bottle a long time ago. Yup, I outgrew it for a reason, as humans we chew our food as we get older. It’s hard to chew food in a liquid form. Why can’t we just learn to eat food in a fashion that lets us eat what we like, eat when were hungry, be healthy? You know, getting your nutrition from a variety of food.

The good news and the real truth is, that it is not all your fault. Your body and mind have more control than you consciously know and today is the day to take back control. Understand the problem and how you relate to food.

Knowledge is power, power is everything, so get the knowledge and take back the power.

This is not a diet, nor am I selling health products. It is not about making great changes to your eating habits. Eat the food your normally eat, just not so much.  You get to decide how much, why and when.  No one can stay on a diet if they have to eat something special all the time and not what they like or take costly vitamins and supplements they can’t afford. We just don’t do it and it is not healthy either. Does Health Canada tell you to drink a shake three times a day and ignore food as we know it? NO of course not, it is not healthy and no one can do it for any length of time. It’s about understanding your mind and how it affects your weight, your reactions and thinking.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your weight where you want it and not have to stress over it, think about it or plan for it? Imagine just doing the right thing without thought. Just like driving a car or breathing you just do it. Enjoying your favorite foods and yet having the control so that you don’t over indulge.

Stressing over food is a sure-fire way to get fat. Why not get rid of the stress you carry and not only live stress-free but have control over your food. It is a win-win. It’s not that you can’t eat senseless food like chips, chocolate and candy, once in a while, it is just you won’t want to so often nor eat so much when you do. It’s how things are supposed to be.

It is all about having our mind work for us to achieve our goals and not working against us. We don’t always realize that our mind is our best asset but can be our worst enemy when we are not working together towards the same goal.

Do you belong in one of these categories?

A habit of over eating.                                                                                                                                           

Not eating, over-eating, purging or both

Eating the right food, just too much, so you can’t get your weight down.

Carrying too much weight and it’s aggravating you arthritis or some other medical problem.

You have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol.


Hormone imbalance.

Healthy and want to keep it that way.

Need to change a bad eating habit before it becomes a problem.

For those that just love certain foods and it’s affecting your health, ie- too many carbs.

Drinking too much of the wrong stuff.  Caffeine is great to get you energized but it is not a food group. Neither is alcohol or energy drinks.

Feel like a failure because of all the diets you have tried and nothing works permanently. It’s not your fault and only 1% of those trying to lose weight actually do it and then most of them regain it back. But, don’t despair for the remedy is finally here AND the great news it is not all your fault.

If you are fighting a  losing battle and considering surgery, pills, fighting diabetes or need surgery but your weight is too great to have it, then check out the page MINDBAND.  A new evolutionary way of losing and controlling your weight. It takes this program and kicks it up a notch. With the use of hypnotherapy you can have that surgery without really having it and still get the results you are looking for without side effects or risk that comes with surgery. Check it out.


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