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Depression is a lonely, dark, negative place, that feels hopeless.

It can hit once or repeatedly or be there constantly. It can hit anyone at any age.

There maybe one thing that has caused the depression, a death, job loss, moving, just to name a few. Or it may be many things combined that just are one too many to handle. Depression holds us back from enjoying the present and moving on to our future.

Do you or someone you know think in terms of remembering when? Having trouble of letting go of the past? Think negativity and don’t see the positive side of things? When someone says something nice or pays you a compliment can you accept it? Do you believe it?

Are you having trouble concentrating, making decisions or making yourself get up and do something? Is it hard to make yourself take care of yourself because it is too much effort or you just don’t care? Depression robs us of our energy and our joy. Don’t let this happen to you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you think that it is a family genetic trait and you just got stuck with it. Most depression is not genetic but we can be predisposed to them or actually learn them watching and listening to a loved one? It is not a life sentence. You can change it without drugs and the nasty side effects. Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful and can mend those faulty patterns.

Most of the time depression can be treated without medication. It does not have to be a permanent state of mind and you do not have to be on drugs the rest of your life. Nor do you have to have a re-occurrence. Research shows Anti-depression medication only helps 30%, the same as a placebo. The side effects can be devastating.

It is not anyone’s fault that this happens, but you can have a lot of control over it, which may seem like an impossible idea, but it is true.  There really is few chemical imbalances causing depression.

I know it sounds impossible, but it is not. Depression is a state of mind and nothing works better than when you get your mind to work to help you. Hypnotherapy is a way to engage your mind to help itself, making lasting results.

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