Bullying comes in many forms and can happen at any age.     😢

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Bullying is abuse, it is not teasing, it can be terrorizing.

We are most familiar with it in school with our children but it can happen and does frequently at work also.  We can be the victim at any age.

At School and online – cyber bullying, even at home

Affects any age group, the very young to seniors. We can all be victims both physically or emotionally. If someone is calling you names, hurling put downs at you or physically pushing you around or worse, it is time to say NO.

If you are being attached online it can be just as devastating as in person. Don’t wait till its to late to ask for help.

At work 

As society becomes more stressed bullying in the workplace is becoming a bigger problem and those who are victims of it may not realize it for what it is.

Are you constantly in fear/anxious of someone? Maybe you get the blame for everything when something goes wrong. It could be that you are left out/not asked to be involved in activities. Ignored all the time, like you don’t exit. Never acknowledged.   Are you scared to go to your superior incase the person finds out and makes life worse or is it your superior and you have no one to go to. Hesitant to share ideas that you believe will make for a better work environment or solve a problem? 

Bullying can traumatize you and you may not recognize it as it comes slowly from repetition. You may feel depressed, have poor sleep, agitated, anxious, can’t let go of certain memories or thoughts.

Bullying can affect anyone.