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Hypnotherapy offers help for both Professional and Personal  Challenges 
While most of us are acquainted with the hilarious and entertaining stage hypnosis, we are not familiar with what it can do for us and how it can make huge improvements to your life, physically, mentally, emotionally for both professional reasons and personal reasons.

  Gain insight into yourself and what really makes you tick and how you can change for the better. Through a combination of talking, coaching, and hypnosis you can quickly and easily, achieve the positive results you desire.

Our subconscious controls most of what we do and think based on what we learned and what we were taught as a child – right or wrong – and our lives experiences. This is why we keep repeating the same mistakes and why our instant reaction is out of our control and may not be what we wish it to be.  Life is a precious gift, don’t let the past affect the present and dictate the future.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasurable, relaxing natural state of mind.  Let Winnipeg Hypnotherapy unlock your natural power.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”  Aristotle


What does it help?

Addictions – Quit easier, gambling, smoking, alcohol, TV, drugs, sex, 

Agoraphobia – Having trouble going out? Even the mildest case can have a significant impact on your life. Release the fear.

Anger Management – take control instead of losing control, destroys relationships and careers 

Anxiety – release the anxiety, stops us from doing things and enjoying life

Assertiveness – without this you won’t be able to stand up for yourself, go for the job you want

Bruxism (grinding teeth) – stops grinding, dental problems you don’t need in your life

Chronic Pain – learning a new technique to minimize the pain and take back control   

Dental Procedures – helps ease fear 

Distress – Quickly helps you recover from it

Exercise – motivates you, making it easier to do it

Fears – hold you back in life from experiencing life 

Focus – allows you to focus and get things done

Grief – helps you move on  

Guided Imagery – helps remember things and take back control

Headaches – eases them off giving you more control of the pain

High Blood Pressure – helps regulates and lowers blood pressure

Medical Procedures –  Pre and Post Operative, taking the stress/fear out of the idea of surgery and helping you recover faster and easier

Memory – either to recall a memory or enhance your memory

Motivation – to get you doing the things you need to do plus

Nail Biting – stops the habit you should not have

Pain Control – learning new techniques to minimize it and have control 

Performing Arts – let your talent shine through, take the plunge

Phobia – get rid of fears that hold you back in your personal and professional life

PTSD – quickly and easily overcome post-traumatic stress disorder – death, divorce, accident, abuse etc. 

Procrastination – what we do when we don’t want to do it or are scared to do it causing problems for us

Public Speaking – one of the greatest fears – holds you back when being involved with organizations and professionally

Relationships – have a better relationship with our families, friends or lovers, a very important to our lives and happiness

Stress Management 85% of illness is caused by stress, think about it

Self Confidence – One of the biggest advantages to accessing happiness and success

Self Control – If you’re not in control of your emotions, then who is? Don’t allow your reactions to damage your love life and family life, they deserve to be with the best version of you. 

Self Esteem – good for true happiness, if you’re not happy with yourself why should anyone else be.

Sexual Enhancement – enjoy a basic inborn instinct that is good for your health.

Sleep  – peacefully to restore your health,  body, mind and spirit

    Weight Management,  Check out our new program based on how your body and mind works.  Eat normal food you like and forget cravings and starving yourself. 




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